Governor Baker Needs to Hear From Families

Sunday‚Äôs Boston Globe featured a story about Noelia Ferreira and her daughter, Abi. Fifteen-year old Abi is one of approximately 900 individuals in need of at-home nursing program in Massachusetts.  Because of low reimbursement rates, agencies find it nearly impossible to recruit and retain the highly skilled nurses needed to provide care to medically fragile children like Abi. This has led to nearly 24% of MassHealth-Authorized service hours going unfilled.

The MA Pediatric Home Nursing Care Campaign (made up of parents of medically fragile children) and the Provider agencies (who help them find nurses properly skilled nurses to provide care) want to work with the Governor to ensure nurses are paid fairly for the care that these children deserve.

How can you help? The Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts has an advocacy alert with an email to Governor Baker you can sign, urging him to properly fund this essential program.

If you'd prefer to call the Governor's office, we've got a script to use by clicking here.